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Immigration and Refugee Law

If you are located in Ottawa, Toronto or somewhere overseas, and need to put forward an immigration application of some kind, we can help. Some of the many matters we assist with include:

•    Family Sponsorships: Looking to sponsor a family member in Canada or overseas? We can help put together a strong application for sponsorship based on your individual circumstances.

•    Skilled Workers: Coming to Canada as a tradesman, a live in caregiver or with another profession in demand here, or managing a business seeking to fill a gap in the Canadian economy? We can assist with your skilled worker application.

•    Refugees and Persons in Need of Protection: Seeking the safety of Canada because you fear some harm back home? Served with a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)? We have the expertise to help you obtain safety in Canada.

•    Appeals: Trying to appeal a failed application to the Immigration Appeals Division, the Refugee Appeals Division, the Federal Court of Canada, or another judicial body? We can help put the best case forward.

•    Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) Applications: Need to add humanitarian or compassionate considerations to an existing application or want to submit a stand-alone application based on humanitarian and compassionate factors? We can assist with articulating your circumstances, so that you can stay in Canada.

•    Detention Reviews: Detained because the government alleges you’re a flight risk, because you’ve been designated an irregular arrival, or for another immigration reason? We can help obtain reasonable terms of release.

•    Admissibility Issues: Fighting allegations that you are medically, criminally, or otherwise inadmissible to Canada? We can help put forward submissions on why you should be allowed to stay.

•    Temporary Visas: Seeking to visit Canada, work temporarily, or study here? We can help with your application for a temporary visa.

•    Canada Experience Class (CEC): Hoping that your skilled work experience as a temporary foreign worker or while you were a foreign student, will enable you to stay in Canada? We can help you lodge an application for permanent residence.

•    Permanent Residence and Citizenship Applications: Unsure if you have met the requirements for permanent residence status or Canadian Citizenship? We can help you determine your eligibility and apply if needed.

Human Rights Law

If you think your fundamental human rights may have been breached somehow, call us to find out how we can help. Some of the many applications we handle include:

•    Applications to the Ontario Human Rights Commission: Been discriminated against or harassed for an unauthorized reason? We can help you lodge a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

•    Employment Law: Think you have been unfairly dismissed or unfairly treated by your current or former employer? We can help you determine your options.

•    Landlord and Tenant Board: Feel that you’ve been unfairly treated or charged by your landlord? We can help you put forward a case to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.

Commissioner or Notarial Services

Need certified copies of a document, an affidavit, or something else commissioned or notarized? We can help.